Botanica San Lazarus

Pompano Beach, FL


Here at Botanica San Lazarus we go “old school”when it comes to our testimonials… Why? Because in the age of the Internet, people can get paid to leave reviews & “likes” and we think that’s just lame. We actually have a good old notebook at the store where people can express how they feel; good or bad. Lucky to us, our reviews are awesome! Frankly, we take pride in sharing reviews here mostly out of respect to our clients and customers. After all, only the people whom truly appreciate our work would take the time to write how they feel long hand. And we are so grateful of their patronage! To read more testimonials, feel free to come to the store! In the meantime, here are some of them:

“I was here about 2 months ago and I had a problem with a tenant. I came in for a reading and did the Domination Candle. And I was able to get the tenant under calm and tranquil manner so we can move forward and the candles Lisa did prepare did the trick/work. The tenant was calm and happy toward me, to get the bad situation under control was amazing. That really helped me out. D.B. I would recommend Lisa/St. Lazarus Botanica in a minute to anyone else”

“Today was my first time here, I usually never turn back when I am going home from work but something in my gut told me to come. I am more than thankful that I came. I had my first reading and I must say he is amazing! Made me feel very comfortable and spoke the absolute truth without me saying anything. I will make sure that I complete all that was asked from me. I am overwhelmed with the energy and love that I received here. This location is nothing but truth and love. – Lanisha”

“I have been going to Miss Lisa over 6 years. I’ve always appreciated her kind, helpful demeanor. Even though everything around me seems upside down, she makes me feel hopeful. I can attest she has made me a different woman, she gave me my life back! My sense of stability. I lost everything; my job, my car, my apartment. She helped me get my job within 2 candles. I got a car then my apartment. She even helped me with extras!!! I’ve won lots of casino jackpots. God bless her for helping us all, when no one else will or can. -Ever Grateful!”

“I came in for a reading. When he started my reading, I came in with no expectations. What he told me during my reading was incredible. He eased my mind and was honest with me about everything. The clarity I received after my reading was mind blowing and I am so grateful for the work they do here. -Geraldine”

“It’s very hard to trust most people within this type of business, but Lisa have made the experience with them a blessing. The reading and aftercare is well put together with care to your personal situation. I would have no problem recommending them to anyone seeking help. -Alcema”

“I have been coming to Ms. Lisa for a very long time and I must say she has been very helpful in all my life journeys and aspects of life, helping my dreams come true as far as love, business, money and peace. If you ever decided to come here, you’ll never leave. Blessings!!!”

“Lisa knows what she is doing, do as she tells you to and everything will work out just as she says. You can trust her, her work speaks for her. Then trust God for everything.”

“Lisa is a very nice person and she will help and many of the ways she can. When I have had problems I came to her in those problems came to past in never came back up. Thank you, Lisa. – Ru Smith”

“I have been coming to Lisa for years now! One thing I can say I’ve always been satisfied with the results. She is very respectful and honest. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.”

“I have been coming here for roughly 5 years. The staff is beyond pleasant and the products always result in positive solutions. I will be coming as long as Lisa is here.”

“I have been going to see Lisa almost as long as she has been open. I cannot tell you how much good she has done for me and my family. She is truly a gift on Earth. I will never move from Florida because she is here. And if she moves I shall also.”

“I’ve been coming for 17 years and Lisa has been patient, peaceful and truly cares! She’s happy to stop what she’s doing to help anyone no matter how busy it is. And all she does helps and fixes any situation. Love you, Lisa. God bless”