Botanica San Lazarus

Pompano Beach, FL

Our Candles

Customized Candles prepared and blessed by Lisa*

*for best results, the chosen candles need to be repeated 3 times in 21 days.

Do you have money problems?
Ask about: Money candle, Open Road candle, Better Business candle, Chango candle, Indian candle, Buddha candle.

Not enough clients in your business?
Ask about: Better Business, Open Road candle, Money candle

Relationship problems?
Ask about: Dominate-Love candle, Come-To-Me candle, Controlling candle, Power-Over candle, Love & Attraction candle, Santa Martha candle.

Are you looking for love?
Ask about: Saint Anthony candle, Caridad Del Cobre, Ochun candle, Love & Attraction candle.

Problems with your health?
Ask about: Saint Lazarus candle, Health candle, Obatala candle, Jose Gregorio Hernandez candle

Need luck on your side?
Ask about: Good Luck candle, La Madama, San Expedito candle (gambling)

Are your roads leading to nowhere?
Ask about: Open Road candle, Ellegua candle

Do you need peace of mind?
Ask about: Clearance candle, Saint Claire candle, Our Lady Mercy candle, Break-Condition candle, Obatala candle.

Do you feel like your dreams are not coming true?
Ask about: Dream-Come-True candle

Is your home not peaceful?
Ask about: Peace-in-the-home candle, Calm candle

Do you need protection?
Ask about: Protection candle, La Madama candle, Guardian Angel candle, Saint Michael candle

Do you feel powerless?
Ask about: Power candle, Clearance candle, Health candle

Do you have bad luck?
Ask about: Reverse Condition candle, Good Luck candle, La Madama candle

Do you need to find a job?
Ask about: Saint Joseph candle, Saint Aparicio candle

Problems in the workplace?
Ask about: Dominate-Job candle, Saint Martha candle, Saint Joseph candle

Are you feeling tormented?
Ask about: Clearance candle, Protection candle, Break-Condition candle

Do you need clarity of thought? Peace of mind & tranquility?
Ask about: Clearance candle, Tranquility candle, Break-Condition candle

Did a loved one pass away? Did a loved one die?
Ask about: In-Memory-Of candle

Have you lost something or someone that you cannot find?
Ask about: Saint Aparicio candle, Saint Anthony candle

Are you having problems with the immigration?
Ask about: Immigration candle, Saint Jude candle

Do you have problems with the law?
Ask about: Law-Stay-Away candle, Invisible candle, Protection candle, Ochosi candle

Do you have problems with the court?
Ask about: Dominate-Court candle, Ochosi candle, Orula candle, Saint Jude candle

Are you looking for a romantic relationship?
Ask about: Saint Anthony candle, Love & Attraction candle, Ochun candle

Do you want to chase people away?
Ask about: Chase-Away candle, Separation candle, Forget candle

Are certain people not listening to you?
Ask about: Power-Over candle, Saint Marcos of Leon candle

Do you want to have power over certain people?
Ask about: Power-Over candle, Dominate-Job candle, Peace-On-The-Job candle, Do-as-I-say candle

Are people talking bad, gossiping about you?
Ask about: Shut-Up candle, Forget candle, Leave-Me-Alone candle

Do you want to get married soon?
Ask about: Saint Anthony candle, Caridad-Del-Cobre candle, Ochun candle

Do you feel cursed? Is negativity getting the best of you? Do you have enemies?
Ask about: Destroy candle, Break-Condition candle, Reverse-Condition candle

Do you want to receive all blessings?
Ask about: 7-African-Powers candle

Do you want to receive all treasures?
Ask about: Yemaya candle