Botanica San Lazarus

Pompano Beach, FL

Goods and Services

Lisa can create custom preparations to assist with any spiritual problems. Here are some of her products which can be for love, money, protection, health, relationships, among other concerns:

  • Candles: These candles can be burned at home. Always remember to put the candle in a white bowl with about 3” of water.
  • Baths: Use the bath as directed, from head to toe. Do not rinse, do not towel-dry, allow your body to dry naturally.
  • Floor Washes: Mix prepared solution as directed and clean your floors with it.
  • Amulets: These also can be custom-made so you can carry with you.
  • Jars: These can be custom-made according to your spiritual needs. Generally, you shake the jar while setting your intention. Do that on the days specified by Lisa for about 10min. It may be necessary to warm the closed jar in a bowl of warm water first so the contents mix properly.
  • Kits: Lisa can prepare a whole kit for you containing all of the above and more, depending on your spiritual needs.

The reviews clients leave on the Testimonial Notebook at the store says it all!

It works like magic!!!