Botanica San Lazarus

Pompano Beach, FL

About Us

Botanica San Lazarus was founded by Lisa and it opened its doors in Florida in 1997. Prior to opening its doors in Florida, the business was located in New York where she kept it successfully running for 35 years. Lisa is a powerhouse in the botanica business, having a true spiritual talent well-known worldwide with clients and customers of all religions and all walks of life. Lisa has over 55 years of experience, being featured on The Sun Sentinel in Florida as well as The Keene Sentinel, a New Hampshire Newspaper established in 1799!!! Botanica San Lazarus prides itself in having an ample array of spiritual goods so beyond. Although Lisa is highly known for her baths potions, floor and house clearing preparations, custom-prepared amulets, individual (spiritual) clearings and etc, Lisa is also well-known for her customized candles prepared by her with the intention of assisting others in many spiritual concerns. Lisa is devoted to her business where she works 6 days a week, opening to closing. Her passion and care for those whom she serves is obvious to the naked eye. Lisa can be tough and a no- nonsense type person, but the results of her magic can be felt and spoken of worldwide. For that reason, we look forward to assisting you soon!

Our Location:

1785 NE 33rd St.
Shoppers Haven Shopping Center
Pompano Beach, FL 33064

+1 (954) 784-5900